This Pandemic!

COVID-19, CoronaVirus, Pandemic.

It is all over, everywhere you go. Whether you’re working from home or marching into a space, you see signs of a pandemic happening!
It’s startling and unsettling.

We see it all over the place, and I strongly feel the need to address this with Peace Restored.

I want to share what Peace Restored is doing to keep our clients, staff, and volunteers safe, which may directly affect some people as well as share some tools to get through this time. Everything seems to change day by day, so follow us on our social media platforms for the latest updates! On that note, Peace Restored is staying open but doing our best to comply with the CDC and governing recommendations. We feel abiding by those regulations as much as we can is a beneficial way to serve our clients.

During COVID-19, Peace Restored has shifted to online one on one counseling options. We want to serve our clients well during this unprecedented time. All group meetings will be transitioning to an online format. All online forms are compliant with HIPPA laws, so privacy is not an issue in these. Upcoming groups are postponed until further notice!

Our decision has been challenging to make, but we believe them to be necessary. We appreciate everyone’s effort and willingness to keep others safe during this time.

As we transition to this format and have to postpone certain events due to the pandemic, we want to acknowledge that Peace Restored does depend on those fundraising events to keep the doors open. So through this, we want to recognize our beautiful donors who regularly give so we can continue to help hurting women. Peace Restored’s primary focus is to serve hurting women through difficult life experiences via counseling, groups, classes, and events. We offer all of these formats for circumstances such as someone experiencing grief for any loss, sexual abuse/assault survivors, domestic violence survivors, and widows. We love serving these women and know what we do is a necessity for some of them to overcome and find hope in Jesus! During this time, we realize everyone is in crisis mode, so we want to ask if you share in our mission and vision and wish to help us at this time in some way, please consider donating to help us move our mission and vision forward!


Along with sharing this, I want to share tips that help with what we may be experiencing during this time.

1. Trust in the Lord over fear.

Trusting in the Lord has been a challenge for me but as a believer in Jesus, I have to stand at the front lines of believing God is in total control. While fearing the unknown, fearing the illness itself, fearing for my family who are more likely to have severe effects from it is tempting, I know fear can be detrimental. Fear is not always a good thing. Fear causes us to become irrational, to hoard supplies, to be greedy with what we have, and so many other negative traits.

This kind of fear is from The Enemy, but the Lord is good, and we can put all our trust in Him. He doesn’t ever change. (Hebrews 13:8) He keeps every promise, and something He promises is, He will take care of us, He will supply every need. (Matthew 6:31-33) My suggestion is not to not do certain things to take care of yourself. He doesn’t promise this will happen with magic; we are to work diligently, so don’t sit back and expect God to supply. Work, but remember, what He provides and God taking care of His people is not dependent on what we do. When we have the hope that comes from knowing Jesus literally died and rose from the dead so that we could be delivered from our sins, we don’t have to fear what’s going. We can trust Him, who took care of the most crucial detail in our lives!

2. Grieving what we’ve lost

We wanted to wrap up our grief topic in March but with things the way are, it seems necessary to address this kind of grief. Seniors, jobs, school closures, and sanity (just kidding); people have lost so much during this time. It is okay to grieve those losses, to acknowledge the loss. It’s okay to be sad. It’s okay to wish you had that time to do those things. So, grieve what you’ve lost, and don’t be afraid of that. Let it settle that you had something to lose and that matters. Remember, it is only temporary.

3. Keep Up with your Hygiene

I know, I know. Common sense, right? Maybe but I believe this will help you feel safer. You can only control you, and you can only do what you can do. Something you can be in charge of is your hygiene. It’s terrifying thinking of what other people decide to do or don’t do, but just remember, you can control yourself. At this point, keeping up with hygiene also means following restrictions on going out. Only go out if it’s necessary and don’t dismiss any problematic symptoms right now. Just be careful!

4. Be Still and Enjoy the Rest

It’s tempting to be upset about this time, but let’s take a moment and pause to sit in these moments of serenity. I know it may not be total serenity, but think of how busy we all are most of the time, we’re getting a chance to rest, a mandated chance to rest from busyness. Take the opportunity and be still. Give yourself over to rest. Once you’ve given yourself over to rest and continue doing that while we’re in this situation, ask yourself, what’s something I’ve been wanting to do but haven’t gotten around to doing it? What’s a way I can serve my neighbor? What do others need that I can offer? Take time to check-in, read a book, paint, go for a hike, etc. I just want you to acknowledge that you can take time to rest and don’t feel guilty about it, it’s mandatory!

I know the tips are simple, but whether you’ve never heard them or they refresh your memory, I hope you get to take something useful away from all of these words. Peace Restored aims to be as helpful as possible to others. Without people viewing our site, reading our blogs, donating time and money, sponsoring events, and offering services, Peace Restored wouldn’t be able to operate at all, which includes sharing tips for getting through this pandemic. So, this is a sincere thank you from Peace Restored for every ounce of support we are given!

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