Shopping to Donate

Did you know that you can shop till you drop online all while donating to Peace Restored? AND it will not cost you anything! How amazing is that! You can shop online at and purchase all your needs (and wants) to your hearts content. Every time you shop at Amazon Smile, they give us a donation! How Sweet is that?!? But there is a catch you must select us as your non-profit or Amazon will choose for you. So, follow these few easy steps and you can be on the road to supporting women in our community and beyond.

Step One: Go to

Step Two: Log in to your account or create a new account

Step Three: Select Peace Restored by typing in our name in the search bar at the bottom of the page.

Step Four: Click Yes I understand box.

For a tutorial video you can click here.
Remember to always log shop through for all your purchases to support Peace Restored. When you log into your account you will notice that at the top of the screen it will say you are supporting Peace Restored. You are all set and ready to shop to donate.
Thank you for your support.

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