Did you know the average age of a widow is 55 years old? Becoming a widow can be isolating, a woman can feel devastatingly alone during that time. Our widow’s club aims to form connections and build relationships with these women so they don’t feel that isolation. 

Virtual Support Group

Care Packages

The Care Packages are a way to bless a woman who enters the group. Each time a woman enters the widows club, Peace Restored sends her a care package filled with devotions, coloring books, and more. In addition to gifting women these, we gift each of her children with a care package as well.

As our widow’s club coordinator says, the widows club is not a club anyone wants to join but when they do, Peace Restored aims to be right there to walk with them through the new journey they are on.

To help Peace Restored with the care packages, follow these steps: 
Step 1: Select one of the green buttons below 
Step 2: Purchase 1 or more items off of the Amazon wishlist 
Step 3: Send to Peace Restored office (Amazon should automatically be set up to send it to our office)  
That is all you have to do to be part of blessing some of the women we work with.