Judy Asmus
I’m Judy Asmus, the Class Instructor for Peace Restored. 
I am excited to get the chance to work with you. 
I have been with Peace Restored since 2021. 
Peace Restored caught my attention because of the quality of care provided to the women we serve. In addition to the care Peace Restored provides in the traditional sense of counseling, it has been the goal of this organization to be an educational spot for these women as well. 
I am honored to be in the position I am to lead classes of women who want to grow personally and to aid their healing journey. 
As the class instructor for Peace Restored, it is my job to provide educational support for women along their healing journey. My role is to complement the counseling our clients receive. 
What you are doing for yourself cannot be undervalued. Putting the work in to get the care you need is a way of telling yourself you are important. As women, we sometimes feel like we have to put ourselves on the back burner but it is necessary to take care of ourselves as well. You are amazing! 
I look forward to working with you. 

Judy Asmus