School Break Special

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Peace Restored

School Break Special

The path to healing is a hard road to walk. It is often discouraging and sometimes heartbreaking. Due to that, we want to be able to send our clients some blessings! You can be a HUGE part of that. So many of our clients are moms. We want to be able to provide something for the kids as well.

Step One:

As a group, learn more about Peace Restored and the work that we do by watching this short clip:


Watch this video to learn about the mission behind what we do:


Step Two:

Decide what type of school break special you’d like to assemble and who will collect each of the items. Here are some ideas:

  • Board games (must be new and wrapped in plastic)
  • Sidewalk chalk (if it’s a warm season)
  • Bubbles (traditional small jars and wands)
  • Coloring pages/books and markers or crayons (no colored pencils please)
  • DVD of a recently released PG movie
  • 12 individually wrapped microwave butter popcorn
  • Snacks (must be individually wrapped, store bought, non-perishable)

Step Three:

Set a date to get all the items together with your group. Spend some time praying for the child and woman who receives the box. Please pack all the items in a plastic tub with a lid labeled, School Break Special. We ask that the label be both on the top and the side of the box. Enclose in the box a note that says what church or organization you are from and the contact information (name, phone number, email address) of your group leader. You are welcome to include names and email addresses for all the members of your group, we would like to thank them and add them to our newsletter to list to keep them knowledgeable of our work.


Step Four:

Call our office at 317-361-5281 or email our office at to set up a time to bring the box to our main office located in Mooresville, IN.


Can we wrap the gifts? We have to know what is in the box which is why we ask for a clear plastic pin, labeled at the top and side. At this time, we ask that you not wrap your gifts.

Will my personal information be shared with the woman receiving the gift? Due to our confidentiality policy, we will not share your information unless requested by our client and permission provided by donor.

Can items be opened or used? No. All items must be purchased new.

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