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Peace Restored

Prayer Cards

The path to healing is a hard road to walk. It is often discouraging and sometimes heartbreaking. Due to that, we want to be able to send our clients some blessings! You can be a HUGE part of that.

Step One:

To learn more about Peace Restored, please watch this short clip:

Watch this video to learn about the mission behind what we do:

Step Two:

Print a prayer card or several. Decide whether you would like to pray together as a group or individually take the cards with you. We believe that nothing can happen apart from the Lord which is why we need people praying alongside of us. Prayer cards can be found at the bottom of this document.

Step Three:

Call our office at 317-361-5281 to set up a time to tour our office and learn more about how your organization can connect.


Can we stop by the office without scheduling a tour? We ask that your group reserve a spot for a guided tour as we have clients throughout the day and do our best to keep confidentiality.

Do I have to print the cards? No. You can use this document as your prayer guide however we have noticed that having something tangible to hold on to reminds people to pray.

Do I have to schedule an office tour? No. However we would love to share more about Peace Restored with you and get to know the people praying for our organization.


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