An Evening of Beauty

What we’ve referred to as the Gala on social media sites is a dinner banquet for Peace Restored to share with attendees how Peace Restored has impacted the community. The Gala is on October 25th at 6 pm. The exact location is listed on Peace Restored’s website. The Gala’s title, “an evening of beauty” is essential to keep in mind throughout the rest of the year as you will see a common theme with Peace Restored and Beauty! The Gala will be the main point of a live auction that will have been going on online for several weeks prior, dinner, a key speaker, and stories of women that Peace Restored has become a help to in the process of healing. An Evening of Beauty is an incredible night to share the ways this organization served the community throughout the year.

Why Gala?

Peace Restored has been existing to help women through difficult life circumstances since November of 2015. Since Peace Restored opened its doors, we have had many volunteers come in to help us operate. We couldn’t do what we do without the help of volunteers who have a heart for the mission and vision of Peace Restored, walking with women through difficult life circumstances. The original goal was to help women when Peace Restored opened the doors, and we have served over 300 women in nine different Indiana counties! The Gala is a massive piece of allowing Peace Restored to continue to operate well to help so many women in all different counties. To serve the community, we need the support of the city. The Gala gives us a way to allow the community to see some behind the scenes and the heart of Peace Restored.

Keynote Speaker – Who?!

As a part of the night, we have a speaker coming, Gary Varvel, Cartoonist. He has been the editorial cartoonist for Indianapolis star since 1994. He studied visual communication at John Herron School of Art at Indiana University and Purdue University. Since studying and becoming the editorial cartoonist, he received several awards, including the National Cartoonists Society Reuben Award for Best Editorial Cartoonist Division in 2010, The Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award for Cartooning in 2011. Varvel was inducted into the Indiana Journalism Hall of Fame as of 2015. Gary is a man of faith who has a unique way of tying in his faith to the need for healing and hope. A part of his personal story has a tie into what we do at Peace Restored, and he has an openness and ability to share that with us at the Gala.


During the night, a few women who have been impacted by Peace Restored will be sharing their personal stories. These brave women will share as a way for others to see what Peace Restored is about and as a way to relate to others. We appreciate the women willing to share such personal experiences with an audience. We believe in the importance of our stories. Stories help us become authentic with one another. These women will show you how Peace Restored is a place of authenticity for people to share their hurts and find hope and healing.

The Auction

The bidding began on September 9th and will conclude on October 25th at the Gala. Every part of the money raised will continue being used to provide care for hurting women who have encountered difficult life circumstances. You will still be able to bid at the Gala if you didn’t get a chance to online. If you offer online, you will need to be at the live auction to collect any items you may win!

If you’d like to start your bidding online, head to Peace Restored’s website by clicking here:

We hope you’ll attend the Gala to see what we are all about!

It will be a beautiful night, that represents how we touch lives throughout the year.

We appreciate all of the support given to Peace Restored thus far. We couldn’t continue operating without that support; it is vital!

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