Peace Restored was started because our founder, Ann Madison, saw a need in mental health services that she felt was not being met. Since 2015, we have been working hard to identify what was missing on the community. After speaking with hundreds of non-profits around the state of Indiana, asking what works, what’s not working, and what’s missing. From the data collected it became apparent that a different model-of-care was needed to be developed. If you’ve been following the work we do, you know we have grown so much in the last several years and the need for a new stage of growth is here. We have developed three stages of development for the next phases of growth. 

Phase One: The Community Center

Phase One: We will develop a Community Center which is similar to our current facility. It will have expanded spaces where we can provide more classes and groups. In addition, it will have multiple counseling rooms which will be integral as we continue to develop our internship training center. This is a key component of what we do by providing a safe, secure, and welcoming environment. We want Peace Restored to feel like a home because, for many, the home has not always been a place of safety. 

Phase Two: The Retreat Center

Phase Two: We will develop a retreat center. Most Mental health care is reactive. We want to create a proactive place. This Retreat Center will be a place where women can pull away and be refreshed. A place to just be still and even receive counseling if they choose. The retreat center would also allow us to offer counseling intensives for our clients who may benefit from this. We currently offer one annual retreat for our widows but we would love to offer more. With our Retreat Center, we would be able to offer more mental health-topic retreats.  Additionally, this facility would be one that could we could rent to local churches or women’s organizations to provide an additional source of revenue.

Phase Three: The Restoration Houses

Phase Three: Our Restoration Houses. These will be tiny houses for women and her children to stay. This will not be a crisis center but the next step after the crisis. There are 3 typical reasons someone seeks housing. DV, Homelessness, or addiction. What about other reasons someone may need housing or long-term assistance? What about the mother whose husband suddenly died and she needs support for both herself and her children? What about the women who struggle with deep anxiety unable to leave her home? There are so many that need a place that would provide a hand up while they learn and grow into the woman God designed her to be.  These houses would fill a gap in our current mental health care system and provide an innovative place.

Will You Join Us In Building Our Future?

There is so much more to what we will do in these three phases and so much more to the plan. We are only scratching the surface of all that we will be doing as we roll out each phase of development. 

So you might be asking what is next and how do we make this happen. We have started doing the next steps as a team. We are identifying locations that will be a good fit for what we will need. We need a large plot of land between 25- 50 acres. We have met with an architect to discuss development needs.  We have met with a designer to begin to graphically design our concepts. We have built our team and systems. We have proven there is a need for what we are doing. We are building a system to attract more mental health providers to our area through our internship program. We have worked diligently to grow our mission. 


It is now time to step into the next phase of the vision God has given us for Peace Restored. 

It is now time for us to raise funds to move toward the first phase of development.

It is now time for us to stand in the gap as a community for women who are hurting.

It is now time for us to stop accepting the status quo.

It is now time to make a positive and innovative change in mental health care.

It is now time to stand up and say enough.

It is now time that God is the star of our Story and we allow Him to continue to weave our tapestries together for his Glory.


Will YOU join us in furthering our mission, and build our future?

This year, help Peace Restored further our outreach!

Help us build the future, not just for the organization, but for the women we will impact!

Join the story, and BUILD OUR FUTURE!