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Healing and Hope; One Day at a Time

“Let’s go around the table and share a childhood memory.” The person asking this had no idea what incredibly profound panic that question evoked in one of the ladies sitting at the table. I knew because I had felt that panic once myself. This dear friend sitting across the table from me, processing that question, […]

Living in Community With Women – Part 2: Do Not

Written by: Ruth Meed In our previous article, we discussed the foundation for authentic community, loving one another and why we ought to love one another. To apply this practically, we need to understand what we should NOT do to “one another” as well. Do Not Judge Romans 14:13, Therefore let us not judge one another […]

Living in Community With Women – Part 1: Love One Another

Written by: Ruth Meed A friend of mine inspired me to think about the topic of living in community with other women. What makes community vital? How does your church encourage its members to reach out and fellowship with others outside of their small friend-group? How do we do this effectively so that Gods glory […]