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The “W” Word

As I have met widows and talked with them, the one theme that comes up in conversations is how much the word “widow” is despised. I always agree with them; the word is awful. The word to me sounds so lonely and cold. As a child, I had two great grandmothers that were widows. In […]

Dump Journal

When you hear the word journaling, do you cringe? Do you find it awkward to write out your thoughts and innermost feelings on paper? You are not alone. Journaling is a tool we recommend at Peace Restored. And regularly, I see that same look on someone’s face that says, “I don’t like to journal” OR […]

The grief due dates bring – miscarriage.

This past Thursday I shared a little bit of my heart on my Instagram concerning my baby’s due date quickly approaching. The first time I had a miscarriage I thought, “Once the due date rolls around I’ll be doing better.” For some reason, I thought that by then I would have dealt with my emotions. […]