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Prayer Cards

  Peace Restored Prayer Cards The path to healing is a hard road to walk. It is often discouraging and sometimes heartbreaking. Due to that, we want to be able to send our clients some blessings! You can be a HUGE part of that. Step One: As a group, learn more about Peace Restored and […]

Experiencing Peace

10 Ways to Experience Peace Every Day You may read this headline and say to yourself something like, “My day is full, from sun up to sun down. I don’t have time for peace,” or “I’m managing my stress just fine.”  All of us have busy days and as women especially, we often take better […]

Attitude of Gratitude

Thursday night at a Bible Study in Indianapolis, prayer requests were taken before hand.  A friend, Sandy, had just arrived after being at a hospital with her husband, Ron, for most of the week. Ron was a severe diabetic with heart disease and was often hospitalized. Sandy was physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted, BUT, despite […]

Golf Outing Blog Recap Post

What happened at the Golf Outing 2021?   Volunteers, staff, and golfers came from all across Indiana, even across state lines to participate in our first Annual Golf Outing!           Thank you to Chick-Fil-A for providing lunch to everyone on this beautiful day.     A few of our sponsors set […]

Year of Milestone Dates

  Milestone dates on the calendar mark our lives. We celebrate the big birthdays, the special anniversaries, and more. We’ve all been to parties to celebrate milestones with those we love and care about. May, June, and July are the hardest months of the year for me. There are several birthdays, anniversaries, and angelversaries in […]

My Rock

  “My salvation and my honor depend on God; for He is my mighty rock, my refuge.” Psalm 62:7 I spend much of my time within my new work area at a big hospital in Indianapolis. I call my new work area, my “penthouse suite.” Four big windows overlook the parking lot and cancer center. […]

Can You Imagine

Preserve (verb) – to continue in a course of action even in the face of difficulty or with little or no prospect of success. We tend to admire others who display perseverance in their lives. Recently, I had the pleasure of seeing the movie, “I Can Only Imagine.” I Can Only Imagine is the story […]

The Mirror

  Unrecognizable. That’s how I felt when I looked in the mirror after I lost Kirk; I didn’t recognize the woman looking back. I looked pale and lifeless. My eyes that were always full of life looked sunken in and sad, no sparkle to be found. To be honest, I couldn’t stand to look at […]

The “W” Word

As I have met widows and talked with them, the one theme that comes up in conversations is how much the word “widow” is despised. I always agree with them; the word is awful. The word to me sounds so lonely and cold. As a child, I had two great grandmothers that were widows. In […]

Dump Journal

When you hear the word journaling, do you cringe? Do you find it awkward to write out your thoughts and innermost feelings on paper? You are not alone. Journaling is a tool we recommend at Peace Restored. And regularly, I see that same look on someone’s face that says, “I don’t like to journal” OR […]