Amy Card-Richmund

Amy has been a Mooresville resident for most of her life and currently lives in Heartland Crossing. She’s been married to Neil Richmund for three years and they have three teenagers between them – the boys are sophomores in high school and her daughter is a senior in high school. Amy has been in the education world for her entire career. She has taught in a variety of socioeconomic, age, grade, and ability levels, and she is licensed in a variety of subject and grade levels.

After 15 years of teaching middle school in the high-needs, urban district of Wayne Township schools, she left teaching to help her husband, Neil Richmund, with his marketing business, which had grown enough for him to need the extra help. Because education is a part of who she is, she returned to education two years ago, just one year later, as an adult educator, but this time bringing with her the marketing knowledge she gained from her experiences in her husband’s marketing business.

In her newest educational role with Wayne Township Adult Ed, she uses her marketing experience as a way to achieve the career training goals for Wayne Township Adult Education, because so much of what adult education does now requires marketing skills to increase community awareness. She is passionate about helping to connect adult ed programs to students who need them so that they can step up to a better life with the opportunities available and end the cycle of poverty so many families experience today. That’s why she really loves her job and values it as more of a mission than just a job.

Amy and her husband Neil lead busy lives, between work and raising three teenagers and being actively involved in their church, Mooresville First United Methodist Church. She is happy to be on the board for Peace Restored, as she truly believes in the mission of Peace Restored and what it can do for women right here in our community.